Swim Lessons

In Y Swim Lessons participants learn and practice new swimming skills and feel a sense of achievement from mastering something new that they can enjoy the rest of their lives. While participating in fun water sports and games, children also increase their physical activity levels. Participants in Y Swim Lesson are connected to others in the class, make new friends and recognize new role models. The participants are more comfortable and secure around water, as they learn water safety and improve their swim skills.

Michiana Swims

The YMCA of Michiana is dedicated to keeping our local kids safe around water. Michiana Swims provides free swim gear, lessons and transportation to local second graders who might otherwise not have the opportunity. The program supported entirely by community support through donations and grants.

Stingray Swim Team

We are very proud of our 11-time Indiana YMCA State Championship team! Not only for their wins, but for the friendships and self-confidence developed through teamwork and individual excellence as a member of the team. Kids may join the Stingrays any time of the year. Our seasons are September through March and May through July. Your child may join the team when able to swim a minimum of 2 lengths (50 yards) of both front crawl and backstroke, and has been introduced to breast stroke. Swim team members must be Full Members of the YMCA of Michiana. For more information or questions email

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